“Inspiring and soul refreshing”

The whole unconference was deeply inspiring and refreshed my soul, but it was an extra special moment to meet another immigration solo practitioner like me, with whom I brainstormed about how to infuse more wellness, wealth, and wisdom into our practices.

— Avantika Rao

“Organic and rewarding”

Unconferences are such an organic, rewarding way of connecting with other people, learning from others in such a natural way.

— Chandani Patel Thompson

The unconference was a brilliant way to apply the wisdom of groups to common, intractable problems that women lawyers face. In small, completely undirected and unstructured groups, everyone was able to speak up, any disagreements were aired and explored, and suggestions and advice were taken to heart. Most importantly, women felt validated. Whether working in Big Law or solo practice, they realized they were not alone in their struggle to succeed. And they probably learned more from each other about issues that mattered most to them than from a parade of experts at the usual conference on women in law.
— Ida Abbott

“Solidarity, communication, and authenticity”

— A.P.


I really enjoyed hearing the range of ideas that flowed as soon as the floor was opened and the readiness to dig deep and create change.

— Judith Gordon

“Mindful meditation for organized chaos”

— Attorney at Work


In thinking back on the event, it felt like it was the “I” in IRAC. The group spotted numerous issues important to women in the legal community and started isolating how to address them.

— Carrie Price

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